Caring for your shoes!

These handy tips will help you to take great care of your new shoes, to maximise their life and keep them looking fabulous! Depending on what kind of shoe, you may require a range of tools such as gloves, brush, wax and polish, newspapers or cloth, waterproof spray and leather shoe cleaner. These items are available in our shoe care range.

  • Take a few moments to get your work surface ready for shoe cleaning. You need to find a well-ventilated space and ensure that your hands and work surface are adequately protected before you begin. Taking a soft brush or damp cloth, start by dusting off the dirt on the shoes. Once you are done cleaning, gently wipe each shoe with a polishing cloth or soft dry cloth.  Its important to remove all dust (even from around stitching) and any marks.

  • Condition the shoes with wax, especially if it’s leather. This step will particularly apply to leather shoes. Take out the shoe laces and rub a little wax on the shoe until its surface is fully coated. After some minutes, wipe off any leftover wax once the leather has absorbed it.

  • Carefully apply polish to the shoes. The next step would be to wear a pair of gloves and apply shoe polish in circular motions, with a brush or piece of cloth. Keep in mind that corners near the toe or heel also need attention.

  • Buff shoes using a soft brush. Using soft brush, buff both shoes with care then follow up using a cloth. Hold it tightly in either hand and move it back and forth over the shoe, in a sawing movement. Conditioning and buffing the shoe is important at least once in a month, based on how frequently you use them.

  • Wet shoes need immediate attention. When you have wet shoes, towel them dry as soon as possible to prevent the worst damage. Then, you can bunch up some newspaper or a towel and put it inside the shoes to extract the moisture from inside out. Let the shoe dry gradually in room temperature. Caution: Do not place the shoes in direct sunlight as it can result in fading or discoloration of the shoe material. Once the shoes are dry, you can use a shoe cleaner or conditioner to keep it well-preserved.